The 15th National Agricultural Youth Show is for the first time to be held in the Eastern Province from the 1st to the 5th October 2017.

The Bathurst Show Grounds has been fortunate to be chosen as a suitable venue and the Agricultural Society as the principal event organisers.

An average of 400 schoolchildren (between the age of 7 and 18) from all 9 Provinces will compete in one of the 15 following categories: Cattle (Beef and Dairy), Sheep (Mutton and Wool), Goats (Mutton, Dairy and Mohair), Horses, Pigs, Poultry, Pigeons (Racing and Fancy), Rabbits, Dairy Products and Culinary Art.

Participants demonstrate the process of cleaning, caring for, handling and showing of their animals as well what they have learnt about the breed of the animal they are training with.

Youth Show helps children from town as well as the country to become passionate about the agricultural side of their community. Furthermore being a character building experience which gives children who are interested in agriculture an opportunity to learn new skills and realize they can excel in exciting alternative ways.

We are very proud of our youth from Bathurst who did exceptionally well at their first National level competition in Mpumalanga last year.

Further information and numerous National Agricultural Youth Show pictures can be found on the website under ‘National Show’.